Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helsinki Cuties

"Hold My Hand" is an original painting by the Finnish illustrator and designer Emmi... She is enrolled at The University of Art & Design Helsinki and, when she graduates, wishes to get a cat and a bunny (awwww). Between the illustration and her wishes, whatta cutie! xxxo

Halloween Cutie Mask 1

It's just about Halloween month! Tis the season for costumes, masks and cute decorations! Let's start off with this sweet bear mask. I think it's a bear. Or a tiger cub. Or a chipmunk. Well, it is cute anyhow.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Measuring Cute

I found out this week that if you iron a measuring tape, it's not a good thing. Melts. That life lesson learned, time to find a new one... and who could resist this cutie? Outa Japan (via the UK), this little guy makes me want to measure away. You just pull the sweet bug (on top of his smiling head) and the world of inches is yours... Practical + Cute = a Hello There Cutie tape measure! xxxo

Peek-a-Boo Cutie

Peek-a-Boo Pig by Yuko Lau. You can but it and other cute & wonderful prints by the artist here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Momiji Is A Cutie

Momiji is a 3" tall friendship doll who has a little hidey space on the bottom with a tiny note card inside. This ones name is Hurray, and she says "Hurray, for the good times shining from the skies!" How adorable is she? I'd bring her everywhere as my new BFF (sorry Doug!). xxxo

Nellie Cutie

Sophie Harding's Nellie the Elephant can be purchased here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cutie Friends...

This cute image makes no sense... and that's prob one reason we like it so much! But there's a rainbow, floating bubble friend, psychedelic squirrel, robot and a bunny hat so how can't it intrigue you? Hello there cutie but odd illustration! xxxo

Cute times five

The Giraffe and the Monkeys by Nathalie Choux. You can buy this cute art print here.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2 Favorite Cuties

We love monkeys here at Hello There Cutie... almost as much as shopping! And look at this cutie monkey that's currently at a fave Parisian store (Colette). It's collaboration between
Bathing Ape & Chrome Hearts and such a fashionable cutie we're squealing a big "Bonjour there cutie" to it! xxxo

Cute as a Soybean

How cute are these keychains from Japanese toy company Bandai? These cute edamame companions are activated when you squeeze 'em. Unlike real soy beans, the pods are are available in a rainbow of colors including pink, yellow, blue and orange! A sweet, yummy-looking and functional treat.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Charuca Cuties

As you might recall from a previous post, the Spanish artist Charuca is a fave of ours. This beyond sweet illustration of babies with their happy friends (all smiling with rainbows, of course) brings an instant smile to my face. Hello there cuties!!! xxxo

Cute USB Toy?

Leave it to the Japanese to create a USB flash drive that is also a cute toy! What does it do? I've heard that it turns red and blinks its eyes when you hit the letter "H" on your keyboard. How much fun is that?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cute & Sad

Not sure why this birthday cutie is crying...maybe someone left her cake out in the rain? Maybe she's depressed about turning 5? It's okay sweetie 5 is the new 3! Maybe she was eliminated from that latest Toddlers & Tiaras competition? Or maybe she's just forgotten to take her meds...oh well. Cheer up, sleepy Jean.

Baby Rhino's Are Cute

In the German city of Münster, a sweet baby rhinoceros was rejected by her mother so is being raised by zookeepers. It's round-the-clock-work: she drinks gallons of milk a day and needs to be petted regularly. As our good deed of the day, we here at Hello There Cutie volunteer to pet & play with her! Hello There Cutie
baby rhino... xxxo

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embroidery Cuties (for Autumn)

Here are 4 cuties for fall (click to enlarge).Bunnycup Embroidery (how cute of a name is that?) is a website that offers machine embroidery cute designs for children and adults. Their designs are high quality, affordable and available via instant download(!) They specialize in whimsical redwork, applique and filled machine embroidery designs. They also offer some free embroidery designs.

Sew Cutie

When I was little, my Mom took me to sewing lessons... something I really wish had stuck! Instead, I admire my friends that sew & look at old patterns packaging with glee. And how can't you smile when these three Butterick girls** are proudly showing off their pretty dresses??? Hello there cuties! xxxo

**the top one resembles me when small

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We "Heart" Cuties

Disappearing smiling hearts = kinda sad
Disappearing smiling hearts done in an adorable illustration = cutie!!!

Autumn Cute

This cute image was created by a digital artist named Ingrid. You can see more of her work in her Fairies & Ladies gallery over at Flickr.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fishin for Cute

Old grocery stores used to give out cool stuff to post on your kitchen wall including thermometers! This lil cutie boy is very Huck Finn, and was printed on glass with another layer of glass below with the background image. Wonder what he'll be catchin today... xxxo

*faboarts = cute

Here are four absolutely cute works of art by Hunduras based artist *faboarts.
Un Gato by *faboarts
Panda Rojo by *faboarts
Chimpance by *faboarts
Ardilla by *faboarts
You can see more or *faboarts work here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sow Cutie

After yesterdays Sew Cutie post, I decided to look up other books by Tina Davis in the same vein and voila, a new sew/sow today. Illustrated with charming vintage drawings from children’s books of the past, this'll teach us the basics of gardening... and made many wish they didn't live in an apt! xxxo

A Sunday Kind of Cute

Too cute for words.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sew Cutie

All these craft postings have put me in the mood to sew... and here's a great way to teach us! A modern book with a retro feel, See and Sew features charming illustrations of little girls as they, along with us, partake in sewing lessons. Hello there cutie book!!! xxxo

ps Adore the little gal pressing her clothes below...

More Puppet Cuties

Not sure where you can buy these cuties...probably Toys R Us. But just look how cute they are!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Unicorns = Cute

I get teased by certain friends that I view the world a bit cutely, and they've been waiting for a unicorn post... proof patience pays-off! This embroidery has it all: a pretty pony unicorn, smiling rainbow clouds, shooting star and the ubiquitous "I heart" next to the unicorn because, well, who doesn't love a 70s inspired cutie??? xxxo

Buy Cutie Crafty Puppets

If you are not craft-centric and want to help out a good cause, you can buy some Finger Puppets.
These highly-detailed cuties are made by Fable & Lore and sell for $10 each. Proceeds from these tiny friends support UNESCO’s Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE), a campaign to promote literacy around the world. Fairy, princess, knight, wizard, and dragon puppets are available. You can buy them here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dutch Cinderella's A Cutie

The story of Cinderella dates back to the Greeks/1st century BC, and has crossed over to so many cultures I lost count! The woodprint above is Dutch in origin and sooo sweet, with Cindie's shoe a wooden clog and the Prince an adorable (and kinda goofy) boy. Just gotta give these cuties a big Hello There Cutie shout-out!!! xxxo

More Cutie Puppet Crafts

Since yesterday's Finger Puppets were so much fun to make, today let's try cute Paper Bag Puppets! Follow these 10 easy steps.
You'll need a paper bag, scissors, colored paper, "wiggly eyes", a magic marker, glue, feathers
1) create a a tortilla-chip shaped beak using scissors and colored paper.
2) cut two 1-1/4” circles from a bright color for circles around eyes.
3) glue two "wiggly eyes" the center of the circles.
4) cut two 2” circles from a different bright color for cheeks.
5) draw nostrils on top of beak.
6) glue the bottom of beak to bag under flap.
7) glue cheek circles to sides of head.
8) glue top of beak to head, placed above lower beak.
9) glue eyes in place, as shown.
10) glue feathers to back of head. Let dry.
Cute, cute, cute!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kai-lan Chow Is Cute

Kai-lan Chow is a playful preschool cutie who speaks both English & Mandarin Chinese on Nick Jr. Tolee (a koala) and Rintoo (a tiger) are her best friends that each day share the fun of true friendship... while covertly teaching us Mandarin!!! "Ai yo." With her big brown eyes, arms open for a hug and sweet flowers in hair, how can't we say to Kai-lan "喂在那里聪明伶俐!" xxxo

Thanks for the idea Melissa!

Cutie Puppet Crafts

Today we'll show you how to make cute finger puppets in 4 easy steps!
You'll need: felt, scissors, needle & thread, tacky glue or glue gun, yarn
1) cut out two pieces of felt a semi-oval shape big enough to fit over a finger.
2) sew the two pieces of felt together around the curve of the semi-circle.
3) turn the puppet inside out to hide the seams.
4) use tacky glue or a hot-glue gun to add features like noses, mouths and eyes. Use strands of yarn for hair.
How cute is that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cute Lil' Monkey

Yes - another monkey. This green-eyed chimp has an adorable smile and the cutest ears. A welcome addition to our growing collection of simian sweeties.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bibendum Is A Cutie

Bibendum is the name of the Michelin Man, who was born in 1894 in Lyons. The MM used to toast you in his early posters with "Now is the time to drink." We here at Hello There Cutie condone drinking & driving and are amazed this was so popular; perhaps this cutie was toasting with apple juice? Oh wait, he's French... sacredieu!!! Nonetheless, this chubby one gets a Hello There Cutie "bonjour" for being so adorable. xxxo

Meet Cutina!

Cutina is cute, sassy and tough. She's a cousin to the Cupie Doll, but with a fierce attitude, this gal is no shrinking flower. There's something so empowering about Cutina, I wish I had one for my dashboard.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charmmy Cutie

Charmmy Kitty is Hello Kitty's pet cat, a white persian that Papa gave to Kitty as a gift. She wears a lace-trimmed bow on her left ear & a necklace which holds the key to Hello Kitty’s jewelry box. Charmmy Kitty seems kinda Sweet Lolita to me.... no wonder she's such a cutie! xxxo

A Sunday Kind of Cute

This little cutie is all ready to do some Sunday yardwork. With harvest time around the corner, there's plenty of carrots, parsnips and turnips to gather up. This little fella his his work cut out for him!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Chilly Cutie

Growing up in SoCal, we'd go to Sea World yearly; Daddy would head to the penguin area, where we'd find him enthralled with their natural antics and cuteness. When I saw this cutie, it brought back a warm childhood memory and made me want to hug this little fluffy pengie. Isn't he just too charming??? xxxo

Cowboy & Indian Cuties

These are the backs of a set of playing cards from the 1960s... and who wouldn't want to play a lively game of "Go Fish" with these cuties? The little Cowboy is precious in his furry chaps and looks ready to lasso the heart of our Indian princess, who brings him a daisy in peace. I adore their sweet faces and innocent stances (look at their feet!), so give them a big "Hello There Cutie" welcome! xxxo

Shy is Cute

This little cutie is a shy little thing. Her big blue eyes and rosy cheeks are so adorable, you just want to pinch her. Not sure who made this gem, or even what era she's from. Her smart little yellow outfit and her ladylike hair style show seem to indicate the 1940s, but perhaps she's even older than that. Either way, she's a welcome addition to the Cutie family.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cute Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb,
Mary had a little lamb,
whose fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
Mary went, Mary went,
and everywhere that Mary went,
the lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day
school one day, school one day,
It followed her to school one day,
which was against the rules.
It made the children laugh and play,
laugh and play, laugh and play,
it made the children laugh and play
to see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out,
turned it out, turned it out,
And so the teacher turned it out,
but still it lingered near,
And waited patiently about,
patiently about, patiently about,
And waited patiently about
till Mary did appear.

"Why does the lamb love Mary so?"
Love Mary so? Love Mary so?
"Why does the lamb love Mary so,"
the eager children cry.
"Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know."
The lamb, you know, the lamb, you know,
"Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know,"
the teacher did reply.
– Lowell Mason

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Papa Cutie

Beard Papa's
(麦の穂) is a Japanese chain known for their cream puffs. When the 1st one opened in SF, the line was around the block for a reason: the combo of a choux pastry shell (filled with yummy whipped custard) & a charming logo equaled irresistible! Whenever I see Papa, I think "whatta cutie" (cus he is!) then grab a pastry in his honor. Sacrifices for cute... xxxo

Back to Cutie

First full week "back to school" and found this interesting image... Sweet German birdie cuties in their outdoor school being taught by a little boy in "old elf man teacher" outfit. Weird? Yes! Beautifully illustrated in the 1940s? Yes! Kinda oddly cutie? Yes too! xxxo

Little Cutie Head

Not sure where the rest of this cutie is, but her head sure is cute! Her big, bright smile and pretty little eye lashes make her a darling doll part from her brilliant red bow to her chubby little chin. Now where did I put the rest of her?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pam Is A Pink Cutie

Continuing our Pink theme we have a cutie named Pam who is bored and was found on Deviant Art. Pam is beyond adorable with her big brown eyes, pink cheeks and fashionable ensemble... love the rough print quality too!!! Hello there cutie Pam! xxxo

Cute as a Pink Monkey Flower Love

This plastic toy has it all. It's like a checklist of cuteness. Pink : check. Monkey: check. Flower: check. Love: check. Add in some green ears, another blue flower and the cutest face ever and you have the epitome of cuteness...until the next cutie comes along.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pink is for Cute Poodles!

Pink Is For Cute

"Pink Is For Girls"... adore it! This cutie in her pink lacquer barrel tub is happily chatting on her pink phone while covered in bubbles from her Lustre-Creme pink shampoo. A question: Why is her hair dry and in a perf updo with ribbons? I digress... adore the groovy giant pink bubbles and the Mad Men-esque copy (click to expand!) of "he'll notice we have a delightful pink fragrance." Hello there cutie retro ad! xxxo