Monday, September 7, 2009

All American Cutie Recipe

Happy Labor Day! In honor of this holiday (that sadly marks the end of summer & white shoes), here's a recipe for burgers... Cutie Style!

Bun = Nilla Wafers

Hamburger = York Peppermint Patty

Ketchup = Icing with red food color

Mustard = Icing with yellow food color

Lettuce = Coconut Flakes with green food color

Instructions: Assemble... eat... then have another with a friend!

Sweet + Cute = a Hello There Cutie Recipe!!! xxxo

Thanks to Dylan and Vaughn for the tummy yummy


Dylan said...

These cookies are magical! Abe and I made them for a movie party, and a few months later we won the best trans film award in HAMBURG, Germany. We figured, must have been the Hamburger cookies that did it :-) Use these cookies well my friends. They are powerful. Also want to give shout out to my friend Ellise, who first taught me about the wonders of the cookies 7 years ago. And - to Vaughn, who is the speediest biker ever - and the only thing that would make him even faster is if he ate lots and lots of hamburger cookies!!! xox, Dylan

sherri dee said...

congrats on the award and thx for being such a cutie, dylan!!!