Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hello Papa Cutie

Beard Papa's
(麦の穂) is a Japanese chain known for their cream puffs. When the 1st one opened in SF, the line was around the block for a reason: the combo of a choux pastry shell (filled with yummy whipped custard) & a charming logo equaled irresistible! Whenever I see Papa, I think "whatta cutie" (cus he is!) then grab a pastry in his honor. Sacrifices for cute... xxxo


elisabeth alexander (elisabeth engel) said...

Valentina and I love Beard Papa's! We've been eating them since their shop opened here in Berkeley. We even have gotten the famous Beard Papa's 6 pack (That is a box of 6 cream puffs to be consumed within 24 hours, since they don't hold up any longer.You can imagine that we had big cream puff bellies after that!)
But don't you find the logo somewhat misleading? When I see the cute Beard Papa (and believe me, I do find him cute) I think of Fish'n'Chips. He is dressed like a little fishermen with his beard, pipe and all. I am sorry, but it doesn't say cream puffs at all. On the other hand, Valentina and I are big on juxtapositions and find the whole thing therefore even more intriguing.

Doug said...

Always reminds me of Poopdeck Pappy.