Friday, October 2, 2009

Casper = Cutie

I used to be able to sing the theme to Casper, now I just smile remembering this very sweet boy ghost. And his witch pal Wendy. As a kid, I thought he resembled another fave cutie (the Pillsbury Dough Boy)... I wonder why? Perhaps because they were both so adorable!!! xxxo

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Jesse said...

Casper, the friendly ghost,
The friendliest ghost you know.
Though grown-ups might
Look at him with fright,
The children all love him so.

He always says hello (Hello),
and he's really glad to meetcha.
Wherever he may go,
He's kind to every living creature.

Grown-ups don't understand
Why children love him the most.
But kids all know
That he loves them so,
Casper the friendly ghost.