Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ansel is a Cutie

We're often getting friend requests on Facebook but this one def caught my eye: Ansel the dog! Ansel lives in Westwwod (aka LA) and was adopted 3 years ago from an animal shelter. A Labradoodle (mix of Lab and Poodle), this Cutie has personality to spare as evidenced by his postings. And Like Doug and my pets, this shelter save is both adorable and totally sweet. And of course very Hello There Cutie!!! xxxo

for Tink!


Barry said...

Definitely a cutie. I should know, I'm his daddy. Jane and I love the guy. Other than cuddling in bed with us, he loves taking long walks in search of little bits of trash treasure. He picks up the trash and immediately heads home to drop the treasure for us to recycle.

sherri dee said...

I look forward to meeting him when I'm in LA... that is if a star of his magnitude would have time!