Saturday, September 18, 2010

Purity Cuties

Who are these two Cuties? My grandpa Lou and his brother Sidney, in front of my grandparents Chicago deli the Purity. I remember my grandpa always having a smile (and chocolate malt balls) so it's funny to see this photo of him looking so serious... I do see a cigar so yep, that's him. Hello There Cuties!!! xxxo


Jerry Pritikin said...

I went to Hibbard in the mid 1940s with Wayne Bernstein, who I recall his father worked at Purity. Wayne told me his uncle was comedian Morrie Amstradam. I believe his family moved to L.A. and I heard that Wayne died at a very young age. I might be wrong but Wayne had a cousin Phil Saltsman who lived near Hibbard.

Murray Simon said...

I started at Roosevelt H.S. in 1951 while living at 4635 N. Central Park.
After we moved in 1951 to 5234 N. Kimball, the building was owned by the 2nd floor people, Alex Singer. His son, Sol & Florence Singer lived across the hall from us and owned the Purity Restaurant. They offered me a job as a soda jerk which I snapped up and was later trained to be a counterman. At that time, Syd Bernstein was working there as a counterman and manager of the deli counter. I believe that Harry Minkus was also employed there. Harry owned a deli on Bryn Mawr Ave. just west of Kimball Ave. named Tania's after his wife. I subsequently had the opportunity to work at S&L Deli at Kedzie & Lawrence, at Devon Randl's at Devon & California and at The Peak at Howard & California. Those jobs put me thru college.