Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Bean Baby is a Cutie

We recently got a kind reader comment so had to look up their link... turns out they are a cutie! Green Bean Baby (aka Ellia) does fabulous cutout art that is both whimsical and sweet. This particular illustration reminded me of myself this w-end, running around while on the phone touching-base w/my "to do" list. Gosh, if only my cel phone looked that cool! Hello There Cutie me in cutout!!! xxxo


greenbeanbaby said...

awwww you are totally sweet!!!!

i just love your blog and all the cuteness you include!! with the way the world is, we ALWAYS need something wonderful to make us smile and your posts definitely do!!

greenbeanbaby said...

that is wonderful that you have a friend in japan to bring you goodies~ this umbrella is DARLING!!!! WOW!!! i am sure whatever your friend brings you will make you smile :)